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Deux Frères

Liberty, Integrity, Fraternity

When you taste a Deux Frères wine, you taste the sun and the soil.

Meet the Vineyard

Deux Frères is situated on the bank of a natural dry run/wetland on the westerly slope of the Simonsberg Mountain.


A small gem, Deux Frères was founded in 2008, when brothers Retief and Stephan du Toit decided to continue the heritage as a “wine family” left to them by their mother and stepfather, Hester and Marc Wiehe.


It is the philosophy of Deux Frères that the terroir, makes the wine. This process culminates in the cellar where a policy of minimum intervention is followed.


It is in light of this that Stephan rather describes himself more as a traditional vigneron, driven by taste and intuition, than a modern winemaker with all the exactness that entails.


The vines are planted in narrower rows than what is traditionally the norm for the area. This forces the roots to compete for nutrients and moisture deep in the soil with small roots even penetrating the granite bedrock.


Deux Frères has a westerly aspect. The canopies of the vines protect the bunch area from the sharp morning sun, but as the day progresses and the sun moves over to the western side, the bunches are exposed to the more mellow afternoon sun.


The vines are planted in a north south direction allowing the South-Easter wind to move freely through the rows. This cools the grapes down, lengthening the ripening period to achieve optimal ripeness and  acts a giant blow drier, drying any moisture from occasional rain.


Stephan studied viticulture at Elsenburg Agricultural College, thereafter, he spent six years under the tutelage legend Francois Naudé at L’Avenir Wine Estate. In 2007, he joined the team at Marianne. During this period, he was seconded to the owner’s other farms in France for a harvest, gaining experience at Chateau Montlese and Chateau Desteux in St. Emillion and Chateau La Clemence in Pomorol. 


Retief followed a career in the financial industry. An experienced fund manager, he is responsible for the farm finances and loves to get away from the markets by hosting weekend wine-tastings or tending to the beautiful gardens at Deux Frères. (They have a wonderful collection of cycads.)

Deux Frères vineyard
DeuxFeres Vineyard


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