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High-Quality Wines- Stellies Wines Feature in Canvas Rebel

Starting a High-Quality Wines Business in Los Angeles.

Lorna speaks to Canvas Rebel about the steps we took to start Stellies Wines and our goal of providing high-quality South African wines to the US. Read about the challenges and lessons we had to learn and continue to learn along the way.


"Lorna, appreciate you joining us today. Coming up with the idea is so exciting, but then comes the hard part – executing. Too often the media ignores the execution part and goes from idea to success, skipping over the nitty, gritty details of executing in the early days. We think that’s a disservice both to the entrepreneurs who built something amazing as well as the public who isn’t getting a realistic picture of what it takes to succeed. So, we’d really appreciate if you could open up about your execution story – how did you go from idea to execution?

The idea is always the simplest part. When it’s time to start putting the puzzle pieces together, you realize you aren’t working with a 500-piece puzzle of happy puppies but rather a 10 000-piece puzzle of Where’s Waldo.

This is the story of an idea to the execution of Stellies Wines. The idea was somewhat simple- we couldn’t find the South African wines we enjoyed in the United States, so we decided to import high quality wines which accurately represent South Africa.

It was 2020 when the journey of opening Stellies Wines began. It took about 9-10 months to get all the correct licenses and permits to have the company functional and then another 2 months before we received our first shipment. This means it was a full year from idea to opening..... "

See the full article (and the ridiculously large photo of Lorna) at:

high-quality wines- canvas rebel article
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