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Stellies Wines on the Wines To Find Podcast

In November 2022, while in South Africa, we were delighted to sit down and have an online chat with the lovely ladies from the Wines To Find podcast. Earlier in the year I had reached out to them and had a lovely chat and they said they would be delighted to have us on the show. They asked us to send them three wines but it was so tough to choose that we decided to send them four: the Alabariño 2019 and Life From Stone 2020 from Springfield Estate, the Syrah Rosé 2020 from Over the Mountain (7 Springs) and Dieu Donné' flagship Merlot 2018.

Wines to Find takes the "WTF" out of wines. It is hosted by two sisters, Sandy and Michelle, who are on a mission to try two new wines a week while sharing helpful hints, tops and tricks to wine tasting and selection. They often are accompanied by interesting guests from hobbyists, to winemakers to other wine businesses like ourselves.

It was out first time in a live interview but they made it so much fun and so smooth for us. I (Lorna) was super nervous (naturally I am pretty shy and have always suffered from stage fright) whereas Patrick is so natural at public speaking however Sandy and Michelle made us feel so comfortable we didn't even realize how long we were on the phone for.

We spoke about South African wine history, geography, sustainability, tourism, and so much more. There were a lot of laughs:

At the end they used their 5-Cork- Rating system to rate the wines we sent them...not going to give the scores away just yet, go listen...but...I can say, we are pretty proud of our little collection and the ratings they received... okay...maybe just one more sneak peek:

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